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Club History

AFP (ACT Region) Golf Club

Where it all Started – “ACT Police Golf Club”

In the early 1960`s, Detective Constable Colin Stanley Winchester of the then ACT Police attended a meeting with Victoria and New South Wales Detectives during which the feasibility of expanding a yearly golf competition, which at that time involved just Victoria and NSW Detectives, into a Police Golf Carnival open to all Australian Police and Territory Police Services was discussed.

While initial discussions centred on making the proposed Golf Carnival a “Detectives Only” event, Colin Winchester argued for the event to be open to all police and this notion was accepted. Hence the seed for what we have today where each State and Territory has its own Golf Club and State Representative Teams was sown.

The ACTPGC, as it is still affectionately known, was formed initially with a membership of less than twelve and in addition to Colin Winchester, other founding members included John and Bill Scougal, Bernie Rochford, Ian Mackay, Alan Colton, Pat Robbie, Alan Bird, Lindsay Hardy and Graham Taylor.

History shows our Club was founded with the vision of creating an “esprit de corps” among police from the ACT and from the other States, both within and outside of the working environment. It has also proven itself to be a great way for Police to project themselves into the community while affording its members the opportunity to play golf at some of Australia’s premier golf courses.

Change of Name to “AFP (ACT Region) Police Golf Club”

In 1979, due to the formation of the Australian Federal Police, the ACT Police Golf Club changed its name to the more accurate “AFP (ACT Region) Golf Club” but for brevity and sentiment is still recognisable as ACTPGC.

The Inclusion of Civilians/Patrons

Initially only serving police members were permitted to join ACTPGC but over time non-sworn employees of the Police Service and other civilians now known as “Patrons”, were offered membership and now enjoy most privileges afforded to sworn police members. The inclusion of Patrons as members of the Club has fostered much good friendship and the removal of many barriers that may have once been seen to exist between members of the Police and the Public.

Where We Stand Today

Since the initial dozen or so members, our Club has expanded its membership to approximately 120 members. The second wave of leadership from the 1970’s onwards, including Gary Fulton and Darrell Kildey, ensured that our Club has continued to prosper. More recent Club Executives have not lost sight of the vision that existed in the mid 1960’s while continuing to work conscientiously to ensure our members belong to a club of which they can be proud.

Each year our Club participates in the Australian Police Championships and we have been fortunate enough to have provided many past and present Champions. We also send a team to the Australian Police Matchplay Championships when conducted on the famed Murray River courses where again we have been rewarded with varying degrees of success. On several occasions, we have been within a point or so of carrying off the Championship trophy but have always excelled in the social side of the event.

The Club conducts fortnightly events on the best golf courses in Canberra where our members compete for daily prizes, championships and Player of the Year accolades. Also, when possible, we compete against other ACT Social Golf Groups for bragging rights.

For over 30 years, our club has organised and hosted an annual charity day at the Federal Golf Course where our members come together with the objective of raising well needed funds for the ACT`s Police and Citizens Youth Clubs and other chosen Charities.

Hopefully members and friends of the AFP (ACT Region) Golf Club continue to use the Club for the purpose for which it was created as participation in the Clubs’ events ensures its survival.

New members are always welcome!!